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SipCo SoftPhone is a SIP client for mobile devices . SipCo SoftPhone for mobile devices offers High
Quality VoIP call quality when used with SIP (session intiation protocol) supporting VoIP softswitches or IP Pbx .
SipCo Softphone

What is SipCo SoftPhone?

SipCo SoftPhone is a SIP client for mobile devices. SipCo softPhone dialer provides High Quality VoIP call for mobile devices when used with SIP (session initiation protocol) supporting VoIP softswitches or IP Pbx. It can be used conveniently on various mobile platforms such as Android and Iphone. SipCo SoftPhone dialer is also available to use on Windows Desktop. SipCo SoftPhone is one of the best SIP Clients for high quality audio and video calls as well as text messages. It has various features as call transfer, conference call option and auto login with QRcode/Bar code and many more.

Who can use it ?

SipCo is the right Mobile SoftPhone solution if you are using IP Pbx for your office or home. If you are a VoIP service provider using a softswitch then SipCo is the best service provider for your SoftPhone needs. SipCo is your perfect choice, if you are looking for complete branding of SIP client or custom development features. We provide you with technical support to customize the product as per your requirement. Please feel free to contact us for more product related information and best possible solutions and services that can be offered to you.

Is it a Free softphone ?

Yes, SipCo SoftPhone is absolutely free VoIP service provider for personal use. We offer a 7 day free trial for you to access the SoftPhone and experience the features individually.

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What are the features?

   SipCo SoftPhone supports high quality Video Calling and Text messaging
   SipCo SoftPhone provides a display of the Balance of a SIP account for your convenience.
   User can auto login either with QRcode or Bar Code scan which eliminates the need of entering SIP account details manually.
   It can bypass SIP Firewall with built-in VPN.
   SoftPhone supports conference call and call transfer.
   Push configuration feature allows user to push configuration changes to all devices with a single click from the provided web portal.
   Receive Call notifications when App is not running ( Customer should provide a web server ).

How to download and use it ?

SipCo SoftPhone is simple to download and easy to use. Click the links provided here to download SoftPhone for iPhone and Android respectively.

Download SipCo SoftPhone for iPhone or SipCo SoftPhone for Android

Register your Softswitch or IP PBX ip by clicking on ‘Don’t have OP Code’. Use your mobile number as operator code. SipCo service provider will send a web portal link and login credentials to your email. Using this portal you can change SIP settings, codec settings etc. The modified settings will be pushed to all mobile devices using the same Operator code.

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